WT 596 A Bath and a Wardrobe

After almost 3 years travelling and living in a motorhome, we’ve decided to sell Contessa and settle down for a while.

The past few weeks I’ve been getting really excited about having a bath and a wardrobe (closet for our US friends).

Have you ever noticed that we can take so many little things for granted and after a while when you don’t have them you start to crave them?

I’ve been fantasising about hanging my clothes up in a wardrobe instead of having to stuff them into a satchel that sits on the floor.

I’ve been imagining immersing myself in a bathtub full of warm water and bubbles or relaxation salts.

Oh, the joy of these small things.

And now to the real message, when it’s time to change direction, you know.

You start focussing on all the things that are going wrong.

You start to complain about things that didn’t bother you before.

You find yourself cranky and short tempered.

Take notice of how you feel because your feelings are merely guideposts.

They catch your attention and tell you it’s time to change.

It might be to change something about yourself or it might be to change your home or work environment.

Change is a necessary part of life.

Change gives us the opportunity to learn and grow and develop.

Do not fear change.

Change happens whether you like it or not.

For example, on some level you may not be happy in your work, or not like the people on your team, and yet you are unwilling to embrace the change, so what happens? The Universe steps in to nudge you along. You find your work conditions change without your input and not necessarily to your liking. New team members show up. You get a new boss. You get retrenched.

When change is needed, in fact, required, I urge you to take action. By taking action, you give the Universe or Infinite Intelligence an opportunity to co-respond with you.

When it’s time to change, stop holding on to the past. Let go and embrace the new.

I’m looking forward to a bath and a wardrobe. What are you looking forward to?

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