WT 457 What are you missing

This week I’d like to share a concept that came up during this week’s Leading Yourself and Leading Others workshop and that is the question, “What are you missing?”

The question arose because of the absolute focus the team has on a particular issue.

They are all united in their thinking and very focussed on their perception of how things should be.

To generate discussion I shared the following videos, (it will take you less than 3 minutes in total to watch the two of them): 

The videos are a pragmatic way to introduce the concept of focussing so intently on one thing that you miss other things which could be just as or more important than what you are focussing on.

For example, have you ever missed a turn or driven past where you were supposed to be going because you were focussed on the conversation you were having with a passenger or someone on the “hands free” phone?

It’s easy to do. Sometimes we become so focussed on our solution that we are unable to see any other possibilities.

This week I encourage you to watch the videos and ask yourself, “What other options or solutions am I not seeing?”

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