WT486 Time is Irrelevant

We hear people talk of time management and self management. 

There are any number of consultants and trainers that teach strategies for getting the most out of your day; remember we all have 86,400 seconds in a day and they can’t be banked. 

One of my mentors, David Bayer explains that, “Time is irrelevant but timing is everything”. 

What he means by this, is that there is no advantage in becoming overwhelmed with our To Do Lists. 

From a spiritual point of view, life corresponds with us. If there is something you earnestly desire and have a vision and belief that it will manifest, then all you need to do is to what you can do in a day, moving toward your vision and then surrender the rest. 

What you will mostly find is that many of the things you think you need to get done in a day, don’t have to get done, otherwise you would have done them. 

For the things that you didn’t get done, the universe will meet you half way and often help out with either new information that gives you an easier way to do it or you find it didn’t need to get done at all or someone shows up to help. 

As an example, I was freaking out about all the things on my To Do List and worrying about how and when I was going to get my accounts in order for the end of the quarter to be able to submit my BAS (an Australian requirement to submit tax collected on behalf of the government). 

Out of the blue my bookkeeper emailed me and asked how I was going with the accounts. Did I need any help?  Yes please.  She was able to get me an extension of time as well as help to complete a few of the tasks. 

Next time you’re freaking out and feeling overwhelmed, remember, simply get done what you can get done in the day and surrender the rest. Time is irrelevant but timing is everything.

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