WT 617 The value is in the offer

This week’s thought comes as a result of an Easter catch up with a long time friend and business colleague of mine – Libby Cornish.

I don’t recall how the conversation got here, however I think it’s a great point to note, especially if you’re in business or a customer service role or you’re dedicated to your customers.

Libby said, “The value is in the offer, Shirl”.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

Libby explained with a little story, “Years ago when I had my hair salons, I used to send welcome offers to new clients and also birthday offers. When we analysed the results, only about 20% of our clients presented the birthday offer so we decided to discontinue it. I didn’t think much more about it, until one day, one of my long term clients mentioned it. ‘You don’t send the birthday offers anymore’. That’s right. Not many people took advantage of the offer so we didn’t think it was valuable to our clients. ‘I would never take up the offer’, said the client, ‘However, I used to look forward to it because it was the only acknowledgement of my birthday that I got each year’, she continued.  Ouch. You never know the value you are providing Shirl. The value is in the offer.”

I don’t know about you, but this story really resonated with me. Thank you Libby.

We used to send birthday cards to our clients. Not just any birthday cards. These were cards that were handmade by Ross and which included one of Ross’ landscape photos on the front.

Not many people mentioned them, although I did notice a stack of them on people’s bookshelves when I visited offices etc. so we discontinued sending them.

I’m wondering now about the importance of the value those cards provided.

What are you doing in your business for your clients that you are questioning whether it provides value or not?

I guess you could ask your clients or just continue to do it or even start doing something, because the value is in the offer.

And for fun, not that I am really considering it, what would happen if I stopped sending the Weekly Thought because I perceive there is no value?

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