WT500 Make Me Feel Welcome

Last week I joined Lee Woodward, Creative Director and CEO at Real Estate Academy, for an interview to discuss onboarding new employees.

I thought I would share the highlights with you because this is such a critical task for every organisation.

Here are the top 5 things you need to manage, according to me:

1,Make them feel welcome.

Most new employees don’t know anyone when they first start apart from the people who interviewed them. It’s a daunting thing to walk into a new workplace where the other employees have established friendships and ways of doing things. It’s critical to make them feel welcome and that you are happy for them to be there. 

2. Have their “stuff” organised.

This fits in with point number 1. It’s not a good look and doesn’t feel good for the employee if their email address isn’t organised; they don’t have a place to sit; they don’t have stationery, etc.  or uniforms, etc.   I’m astounded at how many organisations miss this point. Make it someone’s role to make sure everything is organised BEFORE they start. 

3. Tell them what they are there to do.

I remember receiving a list of about 70 items when I started in the franchise organisation and rather than feeling daunted, I was excited. I had to somewhere to start and I knew what I was meant to be doing. I felt important and needed.  Make sure you give them a job description and more importantly give them something to start with (and that doesn’t include sitting in the corner reading the company manuals). It could also require a little training, however the sooner you train them and get them started, the sooner they will be productive and confident and comfortable. 

4. Show them where they can find things.

Remember they don’t know where you keep the stationery or the cups and tea and coffee and what the rules are for the fridge and the washing up and garbage.  Give them a little tour and show them around; show them the things they will most likely need. 

5. Introduce them to their immediate and higher level supervisors and managers.

This is important because it shows the boss is interested and cares. It also helps them to know who to go to if they need any assistance.  It’s a security and comfort thing, relating back to step number 1 – Make them feel welcome. 

Here’s your task this week. Rate yourself on the above 5 points.  If it’s not 5/5, identify what you can improve and work on that.