It’s for the Client to Decide (WT494)

It’s for the Client to Decide (WT494)


WT494 It's for the client to decide

I was participating in an online group discussion this week with my colleagues from all around the world. 

Some of the group members were moving into coaching and they wanted to know what other people charged for their services. 

It was interesting to see the differences in what people offered and what they charged and one of the newbies, (we’ll call her Valerie), laughed and said, “I’ll need coaching to charge that”.

What followed was a very interesting discussion around pricing and self worth and I thought it might be of interest for you, too. 

“I couldn’t possibly charge that”, Valerie responded to one of the coach’s models. 

“Why not?” asked the coach.

“I’m just starting out as a coach and I don’t know enough nor do I have enough experience”, she replied. 

“It’s not about you Valerie.” 

“What do you mean it’s not about me?” 

“It’s about the value you provide for the client. It’s what we call value based pricing.” 

“What do you mean by value based pricing?” 

“Your prices are determined by the value you provide for your clients. It’s based on the transformation they can have in their lives.” 

Valerie still wasn’t getting it. 

“Valerie, what is it worth to someone to help them save their marriage? What is it worth to someone to help them regain their health? What is it worth to someone to grow their business?” 

“It’s worth a lot,” she said and then continued with “But I don’t think I’m worth it, I couldn’t possibly charge that much.”  

“It’s for the client to decide that they are worth it”, another coach chimed in. 


I had never heard it expressed this way. I was so grateful to have witnessed the discussion. 

How often do we base our decisions in business on what we think of ourselves without considering the value that our products or services provide for our clients. 

This week, I’d like you to take a look at what you or your organisation offers in terms of the value you provide for your clients and ask yourself if you are charging enough.

Take Advantage of It (WT491)

Take Advantage of It (WT491)


WT491 Take Advantage of It

This week’s thought is a reminder to take advantage of opportunities as they are presented.

I host an online membership site, Leading Yourself and Leading Others, which focuses on Developing People, Processes and Possibilities.  (I will be opening the membership site up again in a few weeks for new members.) Every two weeks I host a LIVE Q&A call for members to receive coaching on any topic.

Last week, one lucky member took advantage of the opportunity. She was the only member on the call so she received dedicated one on one coaching for her particular topic.

It was a very interesting and engaging call as we looked at what makes her unique in what she does and how this benefits her customers. What else was interesting was that because she is unconsciously competent with all these skills and strategies, she didn’t understand that these were unique to her. In fact, I find this a lot, that people are totally unaware of their expertise or value and when that’s the case, they are unable to unpack it. It often takes someone objective to hear the value and then reflect that back. If you become a member, you’ll be able to access the recording and see how that could apply to you. 

And speaking of taking advantage, I attended a networking event recently where the host offered a new person the opportunity to introduce themselves and what they do. I immediately raised my hand with a strong and straight arm. What a golden opportunity to get known. As a result, I got to speak with some of the regular members at the end of the meeting who were interested to hear more about what I do and who I help.

What would you do? Do you take advantage of the opportunities presented to you or …

And if your answer is “or”, I encourage you to say “yes” and take advantage of the next opportunity as soon as you can.

Taking advantage of opportunities is a muscle you can develop.

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