WT 477 What game will you play?

Have you ever thought about the type of player you are, when it comes to games?

It’s an interesting concept and something I encourage you to do because “How we do anything is how we do everything”.

In the last few weeks I dipped my toe into using social media to promote my next leadership experience and I found I had to challenge a few limiting beliefs.

One of those beliefs was that I had to get everything right in order to advertise.  If I was paying for ads, I wanted to make sure that I got a return on my investment.

I had to reframe my belief and expectation to that of conducting an experiment, after all business is mostly about tweaking things until we get it right, so why did I think I had to get the ads right before I could advertise.

As I was talking to a colleague about this, he pointed out that “I only like to play games I can win”.

I responded with an embarrassed giggle. It was true. I do only like to play games I can win.

How about you? Is this the way you play or are you like my colleague who plays until he wins?

It was his turn to laugh. He said, “I will play and I don’t mind if you win, but we’re not finishing until I win. If it means we come back tomorrow to finish, we will. No-one’s going home, until I’ve won.”

<name>, what an interesting concept. If you only like to play games that you know you can or will win, does that mean you won’t play if there’s a chance of you losing and if so, is that how you play life?

Are you missing out on opportunities because they are not guaranteed?

Hmm, it’s certainly worth looking at, don’t you think?