WT 592 Don't wear long pants in the shower

Over the past two and a half years of travelling in the motorhome, I’ve seen many many amenities blocks in caravan parks.

The last one we stayed at before heading back to Newcastle with a “For Sale” sign on the back of the motorhome was most impressive.

The cubicles were much larger than usual and there was plenty of pressure for the hot water. They were new and clean.

As I emerged from my cubicle another lady commented on how good the amenities were.

She mentioned the difficulty she normally has with small cubicles, especially when she’s trying to pull on her long pants.

As she was telling me, she was demonstrating how she would lose her balance, doing her best not to get her pants wet or fall over.

“Don’t wear long pants in the shower”, I thought to myself.

I learned that lesson a long time ago.

It doesn’t matter how cold the outside temperature is, I always wear shorts.

I’m often surprised to see people wearing long pants or worse, leaving their slippers and thongs under the door, instead of wearing the thongs in the shower.  Yuk.

Not wearing long pants for me is about being pragmatic and having foresight.

It’s a simple thing, but if you think about your objectives you can always find an efficient way to meet them.

For example, I only ever take clean underwear, a towel and a bar of soap with me, unless I have to wash my hair, then I take a “dilly bag” with shampoo.

I’m often amused and intrigued at the size of the bags that others take to the shower along with wearing their long pyjamas and long dressing gowns. There’s nowhere to place it, that isn’t at risk of getting wet. The less you take, the less that can go wrong.

Of course, this story is a metaphor for looking at situations and being creative to solve problems and increase efficiency.

Why take extra things that I don’t need like deodorant and cleanser and moisturiser when I can use these things in comfort back in the motorhome.

How about you?

Do you invest the time to look at situations and think about them beforehand?

Do you identify the potential hazards, barriers and obstacles?

Do you look for the most efficient and systematic way to complete a task or do you simply carry out the task without thinking; without stopping to think whether it could be done quicker, better or more efficiently?

In case you’ve never thought about it, my strong recommendation is “Don’t wear long pants in the shower”.

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