WT 445 You, me and the Trojan Horse

Every now and then we get a wake up call.

As we step into 2019, I was fortunate enough to connect with a fabulous guide on LinkedIn and received such a wake up call. 

Here’s the back story:

All year I have been connecting with people all over the world on LinkedIn. One lady in particular, Kay Sanders, wrote to me and said she was making an effort to actually connect with people she had “met” via LinkedIn.

This sounded good to me, and you know I am always up for a chat and to meet people.

It turns out she’s a business intuitive in Texas and reads the Akashic Records. According to Kay, the Akashic Records are “your soul’s library of thoughts, events, and emotions from all life-times. Every soul has its own sacred Akashic Records containing information about the past, present, and future possibilities of that individual soul.”

I was fascinated to hear her journey and that of some of her clients. Here’s where the Trojan Horse comes in.

I was sharing how this year I would like to be more open about my spirituality and that in the past I had shared this with my clients once they knew me and trusted me and that I was afraid to lead with my gifts. 

Kay then tells me about a client of hers, an executive coach who is also very spiritual and who finds himself healing people with Reiki and all sorts of modalities, once they trust him. Sounds familiar! Then came the clanger. He referred to himself as a Trojan Horse. Kay wasn’t keen on this because it is not authentic. Well I was totally confronted.  

Is that how I had been behaving? Was I a Trojan Horse?

In that instant I decided I would be open to being more authentic; to sharing who I really am.

I am spiritual. I do have the gift of sight and I also hear things. It’s these gifts that help me when I am coaching, listening or teaching and (gulp), somehow I am going to find a way to be more comfortable to share my gifts and lead with them from now on.

Now, you don’t get out of this either.

Who are you?

Are you being authentic or are you a Trojan Horse?

What will you do in 2019?  Will you allow yourself to be yourself and express who you are, whomever that may be? 

Let’s make a pact – that starting this year, 2019, a universal number 3 year, full of creativity and self expression, that we will allow ourselves to be more of ourselves and share ourselves with others and support and encourage each other to do so. 

There! I went first. As Lisa Sasevich says, “Leaders go first.” Now it’s your turn.

Who will you be this year? How will you show up?

I wish you the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest and most of all – authentic years!

Happy New Year!