WT 571 See you tomorrow

“See ya tomorrow.”

“No You Won’t” replied Ross. “I don’t think so”, was my reply to the bar attendant as she closed the door on us to make sure we couldn’t enter.

It was the local bowling club at a very tiny town on the northern New South Wales coast.

It wasn’t even 6:30pm. We had been told the Chinese Restaurant was supposed to be re-opening after a long time shut with COVID and renovations so we thought we would go along and support them.

We walked down the hill to see 3 cars in the carpark and a sign to say re-opening in 2 days time.

“Oh well”, we thought, “while we’re here, we’ll support them and have a beer”.

We couldn’t even get in the door. The bar attendant rushed to lock the door before we could even enter.

Standing in the doorway, she said, “We’re closing sorry, only 2 here on the pokies so we’re shutting.”

“Could we get a takeaway?” we asked.

“Sorry, just done the til”, she replied. “See ya tomorrow”, she added.

“No you won’t”, answered Ross.

It wasn’t a big deal that we couldn’t purchase anything. It was the attitude that got us.

I worked behind the bar for years when I was younger and you can always ring up orders or place the money in the til with a note for the next day.

“Wow!” When you’ve got visitors in town, wanting to support you and spend money, wouldn’t you be a little more hospitable.

“See ya tomorrow.”

“Definitely not, nor the next day.”

What would you do? Would you shut the door or make a sale to support the club?

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