Don't Let Them Leave Without Paying

You might think that the title of today’s weekly thought is about people stealing. It’s not.

Last weekend we went for a ride on our motorbike and came across a great little community market.

Across the road from the market was an historic railway and to our delight the trains were running that weekend.

The next train ride was scheduled to leave in an hour.

We hadn’t had lunch and we were only about 10-15 minutes ride away from where we were staying, so we asked the cashier if we could buy a ticket and come back.

“No. It’s first on, first served and when the train is full, that’s it.”

“What if we buy a ticket now. Will that ensure we have a seat?”

“No. Just make sure you’re back at least 15 minutes before the train leaves and you can buy your ticket then.”

We left without paying. We left without buying a ticket.

You know what happened. Of course, it started to rain a little on the way back and when we got to the bottom of the hill we saw the train stopped at its final destination before heading back up the hill.

It was only a 3.5 km track. It was an old steam train, so our interest was mainly in seeing a little bit of the geography and learning about the history.

We got back and had lunch.

We didn’t go back.

I thought to myself, he shouldn’t have let us leave without paying. If we had paid we would have gone back.

How about you?

Are you guilty of letting customers out the door who actually want to buy?

If so, you’re actually doing them and the business a disservice.

Next time a customer wants to pay you, say thank you and take their money.

They’ll thank you for it because they’ll get to experience the product or service that they wanted and the business will thank you for it because you’re generating revenue.

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