If you had time to spare you could do yoga, meditate, walk in the forest or park, exercise for an hour, practice an excellent sleep routine, learn and practice Reiki or EFT for an hour every day, spend time playing with your dog, paint landscapes and take hot lavender baths.  But you’re an entrepreneur and every minute needs to count toward the all-important goal of making money!  Just as you do in your business, you can prioritize the self-care actions that will give you the greatest revenue ROI for your time investment.  In this lively and engaging talk, you’ll get the stats on which actions will rejuvenate your energy so you can execute, execute, execute for hours, as well as delivering actual improvements in the cleverness and originality of your thinking.  Clever and original thinking is what lets you stand out from your competition, and energy is what lets you execute on your clever and original ideas – today!
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