With the best of intentions, we often make mistakes hiring, training and managing teams. Studies show that choosing the wrong candidate can cost in excess of the yearly salary for the person. In this week’s episode, Sandra Bravo, Founder and Creator of Amasssing Ladies Leadership, General Manager for Marketing Online and lead trainer for T. Harv Ecker candidly shares what you need to know when vetting your team. Sandra openly admits she made every possible mistake anyone could make in order to find out what works best. Save yourself the cost and pain of making those mistakes. Learn Sandra’s secrets for completing reference checks. It’s not the same as everyone else. Find out how to hire for attitude and train for skill and why Personal Development and Mindset Training for your team will get you far better results as well as Sandra’s secret system for conducting Quarterly Reviews. If you’re a leader or manager, this is MUST LISTEN interview if you want to avoid hiring the wrong people.

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