Most companies plan for recruitment and onboarding of employees yet few plan for and prepare an exit strategy to manage the natural process of evolution of the life cycle of an employee or organization. Executive Leadership Coach and Managing Director of Life and Career Choices, Hemda Mizrahi shares how to design an exit strategy that honors your company and employees’ career contributions, as well as introducing tools to help leaders, managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to feel more productive and in control when you are managing difficult transitions such as changes in job functions, roles or changing performance requirements.
Hemda Mizrahi
Hemda Mizrahi
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Hemda Mizrahi, Ed.M., M.A., is a Board Certified Coach who specialises in executive and leadership development. Using the tools she has gained from her training in mediation, image consulting, and as a certified wellness coach and licensed therapist, she partners with clients on issues related to career transition, lifestyle management, and performance.

As an organisational effectiveness consultant, Hemda collaborates with businesses to address gaps in the employee and customer experience. Her coaching, consulting and radio talk show roles are informed by her managerial experience in healthcare and higher education, participation on advisory boards, and entrepreneurship expertise.

Hemda earned Master’s degrees in Organisational and Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from Cornell University. She is certified in the research-based 360-degree feedback assessments developed by the Center for Creative Leadership.

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