Have you ever felt like you are meant to be doing something other than you are now? If so, this is a must listen interview with Author, Kinesiologist Practitioner and Advanced Theta Healer, Bernadette OConnor as she shares her tips for how you can exchange the energy of your current negative emotional state to a positive one; transform fear into courage, hate into love and become the truly authentic person you are, living life on purpose.
Bernadette O'Connor
Bernadette O'Connor
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Bernadette O'Connor is an Author, Kinesiologist Practitioner and Advanced Theta Healer. With Irish heritage, she inherited her special gifts from her family but like most of us on this spiritual journey, played it safe, graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology and post graduate qualifications in Work Health and Safety.

She was employed as a Workplace trainer, creating an outstanding career for herself in mainstream Work Health and Safety for big business before finally having the courage to show up authentically and use the gifts she has, helping people all over the world to create harmony through intuitive guidance, overcoming fear, removing emotional blocks and tuning into their inner wisdom.

Bernadette uses a unique methodology that empowers her clients to become the creators of their own life experiences through awakening them to the depth of their consciousness and the truth, that all life experiences can be changed by bringing the energetic self into balance.

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