Humanity as a whole is at a tipping point of consciousness. All that is happening in the world is to get our attention and awareness that something within is invited to shift and mature. It happens with self first, getting to know self at the core – getting to know ones own heart. Each and everyone of us is responsible for that necessary shift to happen in humanity.  From separation to wholeness. Equality, compassion, empathy, unconditional love. This is such an important conversation. Join Patricia and Bill Clum as they share their journey from successful business owner and award winning makeup artist to the stars to founding Evolution of the Heart, helping people all around the world to get to know their own heart and find joy.  
Patricia & Bill Clum
Patricia and Bill Clum
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Patricia and Bill Clum have been supporting people to transform their lives and realize their true hearts and potential for love for the past decade. As life-long spiritual practitioners and guides, they facilitate retreats, conduct workshop events, and mentor and guide clients through one-on-one sessions.

Focusing on their clients’ heart centres, they work with them to allow emotions that have not yet been integrated, along with hidden aspects of themselves, to come fully into awareness, helping them to fully integrate and embrace themselves.

Clients discover and clarify who they are, at their purest core, find solutions and open up to live heart-led lives.

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