If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner you’ll want to listen in to what serial successful entrepreneur Johnathan Colbert has to say. In this episode we discuss credit rating, becoming global citizens, human behaviour and how to host, attend and speak at events. It’s often that one little phrase; that golden nugget of wisdom that can make all the difference to your business and success. This episode is jam packed with them.

Johnathan Colbert
Johnathan Colbert

A serial entrepreneur since childhood, Johnathan has started, owns and runs many businesses including being the second largest exporter of Noni Juice from Tahiti, and manufacturing and private labelling various products for companies.

He is the producer and host of “What is Your Holistic Lifestyle radio Show” as well as producing and marketing events. He also happens to be  a really good cook and caterer.

Johnathan is full of energy, fun and vitality and is one of those rare successful people who can easily communicate and share his wisdom.

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