Did you know your face can reveal your interests, best career and personality traits? Profiling and Communications Specialist, Alan Stevens shares how to read faces for improved relationships and better business. In this fascinating interview, Alan shares how you can read people’s faces and improve your communication at home and at work to get the results you want.
Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens
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Alan Stevens is an International Profile and Communications Specialist. He is regularly featured on National TV, Radio and in the World’s Press, profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty.

Described as “The Mentalist meets Dr. Phil“ and as "The leading authority in reading faces globally", he is an authority in reading people; what they are not saying, what they are attempting to conceal and how they are likely to behave in given situations.

With over 30 years accumulated experience and skills in training and coaching, counselling, psychometric profiling, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), body language, micro and subtle expressions and reading personality traits, Alan believes that all aspects of human relations and interactions are improved when you can read people accurately.

Alan conducts training for businesses and organisations in team building, sales training, negotiations and recruitment skills.

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