Is your life awesome? Are you being awesome? This week we talk with Cam Calkoen who shares his secrets for how we can Live for Awesome. Born with Cerebral Palsy, he defied his doctors who said he most likely would not be able to walk or talk. Instead,he became a champion athlete, winning championships in New Zealand, Australia and Canada and now travels the world as an international inspirational speaker. Today’s interview is full of inspiration and encouragement. Be sure to tune in and listen as Cam inspires you to dream big and achieve more.

Cam Calkoen
Cam Calkoen
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Cam Calkoen's cup is definitely half full and there's not much stopping this guy from achieving his dreams. Born with cerebral palsy, Cam pushed through his physical limitations and set his own goals to represent New Zealand in athletics. From there he took his winning attitude into environments that encourage others to achieve their personal best. From projects that enhance relations amongst people of the world, through to continually pushing through personal, physical and emotional barriers, Cam ensures each day is lived to the max.

In 2006, at the age of 21, Cam became one of the youngest recipients worldwide of a Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary. He founded the Carabiner Mentoring programme for people with disabilities and today, Cam motivates people from all backgrounds to dream BIG, because with big dreams comes a big life.

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