Did you know that using Intentions can make your marketing, selling and fulfillment easy and effortless? Are you carrying around an important message for the world? Have you got big things planned for your clients? Our guest this week, Helena Holrick will share with you how to use intentions to get you and your business known. In this episode we explore ways to make sure you stand out and spread your own influence in a way that works for YOU and more importantly that makes your clients and potential clients want to do more and more business with you. You’ll learn a simple way to think through every project in a way that lets you write great copy, create great talks and influence more people as well as establish how to use the 4 Intentions to simply and easily create great marketing copy that attracts and impacts and understand and use the 3 perspectives that will ensure you are not losing clients through using a ‘one size fits all’ attraction strategy.

Helena Horlick
Helena Holrick
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Helena Holrick is a progress coach – guiding you to consider your next steps before you take them and ensures you enjoy, learn from and are aligned in everything you do – so you get stuff done. She is committed to making sure you ‘succeed as you’ through personal growth, practical learning and/or professional guidance. Having trained thousands of people over 30 years in diverse organisations, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, she knows that structure and systems are at the heart of success for every business, course, talk and interaction you create.

The Helping You Shine philosophy is to FIND, OWN and SHARE Your Brilliance. All guidance is centered on first getting you CLEAR on who you are, and why you do what you do, then becoming CERTAIN about what you do, how you do it and what it's worth, and finally being CONFIDENT about when, where and how to use what platforms to share your presence, so you can use your CREATIVITY to make your CONNECTION and CONTRIBUTION.

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