Success leaves clues. This week Agency Accelerator Guru, Joe Kashurba shares how he started a freelance web design business in High School and grew that into a successful international digital agency, adding two zeros to his product prices; going from selling $300 websites to $30,000 websites.  In this episode Joe shares how he built and led a virtual team as well as the lessons he’s learned along the way. If you’re in business or want to be, this is one interview you won’t want to miss. As a bonus, he also shares some tips for generating a return on investment with Google Adwords.
Joe Kashurba
Joe Kashurba

Joe Kashurba grew the freelance web design business that he started in high school into a digital agency with a virtual team and clients around the world. He went from building $300 websites to building $30,000 websites, and managing 6-figure digital advertising budgets for some of the largest manufacturing and construction companies. Joe now advises and mentors other freelance web designers and digital agency owners on how to develop and scale their businesses.

Joe graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Information Science and a minor in Computer Science.

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