You are meant to WIN. It’s a decision and a skillset. Join us this week as two-time Olympian and National Championship Basketball Coach, Coach Sherry Winn shares her W.I.N. TM Philosophy and W.I.N.N.E.R. TM Principles to help you stop sabotaging yourself. Full of golden nuggets of wisdom from an elite athlete who admits she wasn’t the best athlete physically, but what set her apart from others was her motivation and determination to move past obstacles. If you want to develop a WINNING culture and a WINNING team, this interview is a must listen – not once but over and over and over. There is so much content you can easily implement immediately.
Sherry Winn
Sherry Winn
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Coach Sherry Winn is an in-demand motivational speaker, a leading success coach and seminar trainer, a two-time Olympian, a national championship basketball coach, and an Amazon bestseller. She has written five books including, “Unleash the Winner within You: A Success Game Plan for Business, Leadership and Life.” Thousands, from small business owners to athletic coaches to corporate executives, have enjoyed Coach Winn’s powerful interactive and humorous WINNING presentations.

With over 34 years of practicing leadership as an elite athlete and collegiate basketball coach, Sherry is an expert on coaching leaders and team members to championship status. She has successfully taken people beyond their levels of comfort to “WIN” against competitors who were superior in talent, facilities and financial budgets. Through her WIN Philosophy™ and WINNER Principles™, she teaches leaders and team members to be victorious even when the odds appear to be insurmountable.

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