Are you in business and want to learn and apply what other successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders do to create a business and a lifestyle they love? If so, join us this week as we launch Reclaim Your Freedom and chat with Irene Scott, creator of the Free Flow Marketing System to help you quadruple the number of hot leads into your business. Each week we’ll be bringing you the most up-to-date and proven tips, systems and strategies to help you create your ideal business lifestyle. Focusing on people, processes and possibilities, we’ll share leadership and management tips and case studies. We’ll look at your business systems, from marketing to sales to operations to accounts and Human Resources and everything in between. We’ll also share the latest research on personal and professional development and transformation and help you see what’s possible for you and your business. First things first, let’s look at your marketing system and quadruple your hot leads
Irene Scott
Irene Scott
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Irene Scott is an Author, Speaker, Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Consultant and Engineer who specializes in Systems, Marketing and Copywriting for today’s small business owners.

With 19 years of experience as a medal-winning Structural Engineer, Irene has contributed to communities in Australia and South East Asia with her bridge designs. She used her sharp engineering skills to develop systems, analyse problems and provide unique solutions.

Irene has taken her engineering skills and combined it with the knowledge gained as a certified business advisor and professional copywriter into the business arena. She now runs her own businesses, as well as helps business owners grow theirs.

Irene’s practical approach starts by analysing and diagnosing problems in her client’s business. She then prescribes cost-effective marketing and copywriting solutions to increase profit, the number of high quality clients and ultimately, to give back more free time by creating simple systems.

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