You might be the leader of your organisation or department, but do you know the difference between leading in general and successfully leading a project. This week we talk with Bill Sanders, The Operational Strategist as he shares the critical elements for successful project leadership. Let’s face it, most businesses have many side projects apart from the day to day operations, including a project to improve the day to day operations. If you’re serious about getting the results you want with your team for a particular project then you won’t want to miss this episode.
Bill Sanders
Bill Sanders
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Bill Sanders has been dubbed “The Operational Strategist” by his clients because of his unique ability to rapidly identify and remove barriers to implementing strategy within an organisation with minimal disruption and a dramatic ROI.

He has the rare ability to efficiently identify misalignment between strategy, process, and execution, and design elegant solutions to these often highly complex problems. His insights routinely expose new business opportunities and underutilized team talents, unlocking increased profitability and business growth.

Bill’s clients range from independently owned agencies and SMEs to members of the Fortune 500. He is a former president of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, and writes a regular column on work culture for the Huffington Post.

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