Are you a leader looking for specific strategies you can employ to improve your company and your team results? Join us this week as Jason Forrest, CEO and Chief Cultural Officer for Forrest Performance Group shares what he learned from studying elite sports coaches such as Augie Garrido, Bill Belichick, Nick Saban and Pete Carroll and how you too can apply the same strategies to unleash your employees’ potential, especially in sales to increase your profits and ensure business success.
Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest
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As a sales professional, author, speaker, and coach, Jason's job is to empower professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service; for the purpose of increasing profit through people.

Jason grew up under the influence of his father who was a business owner and professional salesperson, his mother, a persuasive speaking professor and Zig Ziglar, his Sunday school teacher and world-famous salesperson/motivational speaker. Jason learned driving profitable growth through doing rather than observing. These influences and experiences shaped him into who he is today - a salesperson first, a behavioral change expert, a national speaker and a coach who pushes organisations to become highly profitable while creating best places to work.

Every year, Jason delivers approximately 92 keynotes/seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, managers, and executives.

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