This week’s interview with Creator of the Billionaire Buddha, Jane Monica Jones is a fascinating inquiry into our relationship with money. Join Shirley Dalton and Jane Monica Jones as they discuss why it’s important to understand your relationship with money and what you can do to resolve your money wounds and give yourself permission to take off your money mask. We also find out if there is a link between our net worth and our self worth. Whether you have a lot or a little amount of money, you’ll discover the top three things you can do to improve your relationship with money.
Jane Monica-Jones
Jane Monica-Jones
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Jane is an inspiring and highly compassionate teacher, author, counsellor and personal and professional development facilitator. She is a trained Anapana Sati Meditation teacher and for many years, Jane has worked with the Path of Love process and is a certified Train the Trainer.

As a Counsellor, she uses a Process Orientated Therapy approach and specialises in Relationship, Grief, Addictions and Trauma. Her latest work, "The Billionaire Buddha" is an inquiry into one of the most significant relationships of our life - money. Rather than a course in strategies to make more money, this work focuses on our relationship with money through a therapeutic process in order for us to have more trust, ease and fulfillment in this relationship that is intrinsically linked to our survival.

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