If you’ve worked with other marketing consultants or coaches and still haven’t cracked the code to have total clarity on your unique genius, so you shrug your shoulders and guess that’s the best there is…but somehow you know that just can’t be true, if that’s the case, you’re in the right place, join us as Cristi Cooke, Founder and Creator of the Pillars of Genius Marketing Method, explains how to successfully market your unique genius.
Cristi Cooke
Cristi Cooke
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Cristi Cooke is known as the expert in helping clients discover and market their unique competitive advantage.

Previously head of market research for one of Canada’s wireless networks, and leading the creation of strategic marketing plans for several large companies in Brazil, Cristi created a way to re-think competitive advantage and differentiation, known as the Pillars of Genius™ Marketing Method.
It’s no wonder that CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, and individual professionals alike, seek her out for leadership on determining their personal unique competitive advantage.

Cristi is also a Dean’s List graduate from Queen’s School of Business. She is a sought after speaker who has spoken at Million Dollar Roundtable and e-Women Network, and has shared the stage with business leaders across North America.

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