Join us this week as Kay Chong shares how she transitioned from being an overworked, tired and overwhelmed pharmacist to creating her ideal business lifestyle, helping her local community and people all around the world to achieve their health goals. In this episode we discuss two important issues – health and creating your ideal business lifestyle. Kay shares how to offset the effects of jet lag and how you can revive your body’s own detox system, increase your energy level and improve your quality of life.
Kay Chong
Kay Chong
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Kay is the Founder of The 4 Quadrant Detox Diet. She’s an anti-inflammatory, energy-based food researcher, blogger, and reporter, eating clean lifestyle strategist, and a community pharmacist. Kay researches and finds good quality food recipes, products, and ways to help people feel awesome, alive and look great. She’s also managed to create her own ideal business lifestyle doing what she loves. By curating life lessons from the leading mind and body detox leaders, and applying and experimenting with their principles in her own life, Kay has discovered the true detox lifestyle patterns and principles that really work.

Kay is known for her Low Body Inflammation, High Performance and High Energy Lifestyle with profound life breakthroughs as well. Kay loves to educate, inspire and ignite action amongst her patients and people around her with joy and enthusiasm. She lives in Kuala Lumpur and is a dedicated coach and pharmacist to help people all around the world achieve their health goals.

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