Through grace and grit there is a Fierceness in each of us that once unveiled will move you toward success. Fierce Grace™ is the ability to, with strength, perseverance and determination, bring forth the Fierceness in your soul that can move mountains, while acknowledging and embracing the power of compassion, empathy and love, the Grace steps in to be our guiding light and what keeps you front sight focused on achieving your business, relationships and Health goals. When we act with Fierce Grace we bring a level of authenticity that will manifest your greatness and help make a valuable impact on the world and in your life. To live with Fierce Grace means to live within the congruency of your core spirit. Connect with the incredible power of who you are and who you were meant to be! Join Shirley Dalton and Jessie Torres as they discuss how you can unveil your fierceness and move toward success.
Jessie Torres
Jessie Torres
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Anthony Robbins Certified Results Coach and Founder of Fierce Grace Living, Jessie Torres is a Legendary Life Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Health Coach. Passionate about serving people and helping you to awaken the powerful force inside you that will help you achieve the life of your dreams. Whether it is your wealth, relationships or health, Jessie is committed to help you turn your dreams into realities by eliminating any road blocks or blind spots that may be preventing you from living a legendary life. Jessie helps clear the pathway back to all you are and all that you were meant to be and accomplish.

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