Domestic Violence survivor, founder and author of charity and book, Broken to Brilliant, Kate Smith is on a mission to help other survivors recognise their brilliance and fulfil their business dreams. In this episode Kate shares her vision to establish success centres to mentor and provide opportunities for survivors to start their own businesses and rebuild their lives. This is a powerful, uplifting and inspirational story, full of content around leadership, vision, determination and triumph.
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Kate Smith
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Kate is a founding Director of the Charity Broken to Brilliant, an Australian Not for Profit Charity where Domestic Violence Survivors Mentor other Survivors to re-establish successful lives.

Kate's professional background includes working in healthcare, public health and management. She is an international bestselling author and recipient of the prestigious Quilly Award.

As a mother and domestic violence survivor, her mission is to create a new chapter in the lives of domestic violence survivors. In 2016, the Charity launched the book, Broken to Brilliant, a handbook for survivors and includes heartfelt stories from ten women who have rebuilt their lives after domestic violence.

The Charity is working on a pay it forward model and is planning to open success centres to mentor women to become financially independent. The aim for the centres is to provide education, training, career guidance and to operate a microenterprise support program that provides business development mentoring.

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