As business owners we’re told we need a marketing strategy. We need to advertise. We should seek free publicity opportunities and our branding should be consistent. If you’re in business and you’re confused about the difference between public relations, advertising, marketing and branding, both business and personal, relax you are not alone. Join us this week as marketing dynamo, Holly Martin, explains the difference and shares practical tips to help your personal and business branding stand out and be memorable. Find out the exact action steps to take to help put you back in control of your marketing.
Holly Martin
Holly Martin
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Holly Martin is a marketing dynamo for small and medium businesses and owner of Just Holly.
Highly qualified with a Masters Degree in Marketing (with Merit) and a Bachelor of Communication, Public Relations and Journalism, Holly is able to translate theory into practical understandable action steps for small and medium business owners to help them discover the right marketing strategy for their business and situation.

Passionate about helping small business owners understand and take control of their marketing efforts, Holly has created a series of online workshops to educate and empower small business owners, marketing graduates and administration personnel who find themselves charged with developing and or implementing the company marketing strategy.

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