Energy is Everything and no business will ever outgrow the energy of its owner. Everything you do, have and remember today is an accumulation of what you have taken in through your 5 senses – including your wealth and business state. Too often we focus on the mechanics of the business, rather than understanding the elements that surround us in everyday life. Business and Leadership Mentor, Jason Kolevski, will share how you can draw energy from within, using ancient philosophies that are thousands of years old, to create success in life and in business.
Jason Kolevski
Jason Kolevski
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In early 2012, Jason Kolevski sold his Financial Planning practice and began mentoring a range of clientele from senior leaders through to business owners and teams on Business and Leadership Success through Energy!

This energy was passionately directed towards Human Dynamics – particularly Family Businesses where the relationships and the dynamics between the leaders become an essential ingredient to the success of the business.

Jason believes what he really does for his clients is Provide Hope, Build Dreams and Value Esteems.

Often referred to as the Master of Intuition and understanding people’s ‘true’ motivators for behaviour, he loves the opportunity to work with the key relationships within an organisation to create change and movement.

Driven every day to make a difference in people’s lives, his personal mantra is “to have a positive significant influence on human beings that want to live a life worth remembering”.

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