If you’re in business and wanting to crack the million dollar revenue code, join us this week as we talk with Beth Gwalter, Founder and Managing Director of Recovery Station. Beth describes her journey from unemployed university student to startup business as an Occupational Therapist to now employing 50 people across Australia, with 7 figure revenues. Beth will share the challenges and obstacles that she and many business owners face and what she did to overcome them and grow into the successful business woman she is today, enjoying the lifestyle of her dreams.
Beth Gwalter
Beth Gwalter
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Founder and Managing Director of Recovery Station, Beth Gwalter, has successfully navigated the journey from start up solopreneur to focusing on the vision and strategy for her business which employs over 50 people across Australia, including Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and other Allied Health Professionals, supporting War Veterans, the Aged and people with Disabilities.

A past president of the Australian Occupational Therapists Association (NSW), she is passionate about improving the industry and raising the standard of care as well as developing and supporting other business owners to grow and thrive.

Starting from scratch, Beth has built a business and a culture that consistently brings in seven figures in revenue.

Having cracked the code, transitioning from technician to manager to business owner, Beth now enjoys an abundant lakeside lifestyle when she’s not running marathons or traveling the world, enjoying resort style holidays.

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