We’re not talking vitamins, pills and exercise. We’re talking about the most important areas of your life and our guest, Business Consultant, Coach and Artist, Lisa Ormenyessy shares how she went from being stressed out and exhausted to creating what she refers to as a Vibalicious Life. Find out how to have the energy and low stress lifestyle of someone who gets paid to do the things you love. Bring a pen and paper to conduct your very own life and business or work audit and learn some practical no nonsense energy life hacks, tips and tools to detox your life and create your very own Vibalicious Lifestyle.
Lisa Ormenyessy
Lisa Ormenyessy
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Lisa is a Business Consultant, Coach and Artist who focuses on creating a low stress, high energy and dream lifestyle for her clients.

She once lived the exhaustion of a fast moving digital age, overwhelm and stress.  After hitting rock bottom, Lisa realised her only way out was to detox her life, connect with the important and consciously create her dream lifestyle.

15 years later, she’s now living a Vibalicious life, a high energy, low stress and enviable lifestyle.
Pursuing her passions of travel and art, respected as an influencer in business and continuing to deliver outstanding results to her clients, her professional life has flourished.

Now, through her business Vibalicious Life, Lisa helps you do the same. Delivered in a practical, no-nonsense style, Lisa gives you energy life hacks, tips and tools. All bite-sized, easy to digest, and designed to make you feel empowered with the ultimate goal of assisting you create, live and breathe your very own Vibalicious Life.

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