Join Shirley Dalton and Generation Regeneration Wholistic Radio Host, Sandra Malhotra as we discuss what it’s like to reach the point of burnout and what you can do to regenerate your body, mind and spirit by making better daily choices. Find out how to recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout so you can prevent your own or someone close to you. Learn how to increase your own happiness bandwidth and prevent those feelings of stress and overwhelm that come with owning your own business and leading and managing people. This week’s episode is fascinating. If you own your own business or lead and manage people, you won’t want to miss this.
Sandra Malhotra
Sandra Malhotra
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Sandra is a classically-trained scientist, having earned a B.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. As a technologist, she learned how to think critically, examine problems from different angles, and question assumptions. Sandra relied upon these skills as an Engineer at IBM Microelectronics for nine years and as a Director of Technology at Intermolecular, Inc. for eight years. She managed high-performing teams and complex projects, and is a co-inventor of 50 patents and co-author of 30 scholarly publications.

Sandra is passionate about pursuing sustained health through nutrition, exercise, spiritual reconnection, and holistic healing techniques, and is convinced that this whole body approach is the most effective way to prevent and treat the root causes of disease.

She hosts Generation Regeneration Wholistic Radio on VoiceAmerica to provide education and inspiration to those who want to regenerate their bodies, minds and spirits by making better daily choices.

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