Rarely do you find an individual who has so much experience starting and exiting successful businesses. Today’s guest, Justin Hartzman, CEO for Needls shares his secrets for starting, growing and successfully exiting your business as well as how to successfully advertise using social media. Justin’s company has created special software that enables you to successfully advertise and market your business online so you can focus on what you do best.
Justin Hartzman
Justin Hartzman
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Needls CEO, Justin Hartzman, has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. The University of Western Ontario, Canada business graduate is an Internet visionary that has pioneered markets.

Justin has more than 18 years of startup and exit experience. Previously, he founded the first brokerage for online businesses. During that time Justin brokered $100 million in transactions to Fortune 1000 companies, Private Equity firms, family offices and venture funds. His plethora of experience turning visions into reality makes him a known and respected player in the industry. There's nothing he loves more than fixing problems.

Justin sees himself as more of a leader and a mentor rather than a boss. He creates teams of meticulously picked industry specialists to help achieve his goals.

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