Did you know that your brand and your market’s perception of your brand influences whether your business will be sustainable long term? In this fascinating interview, Brand Perception Indicator Authority and Founder, Iain MacKenzie explains the impact of colour, shape and communication on your brand in the marketplace.
Iain MacKenzie
Iain MacKenzie

Iain MacKenzie is an executive coach with a background in IT that includes being a senior consultant with one of the world’s top consulting groups, IBM Global Services. His highly diverse business acumen has resulted in proven success in over 40 projects, most in complex and challenging environments with substantial operating budgets.

He has combined his IT and business background with his deep interest in communication and psychology to create an online business assessment like no other. He now works with businesses of all sizes that have recognized the need to change or improve the way their market perceives them by using technology. His online product delivers effective solutions in rapidly changing business environments by enabling his clients to add competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.

Iain has published three books. His best-selling book, "Eight Peas In a Pod", a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships that influence others, is #1 in four categories.

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