You know you should have a content marketing strategy right? But when it comes to developing content, how do you know which is the right medium for you? Join us this week as Creator of the Content Personality Wheel, M. Shannon Hernandez explains the difference and how you can use stories to powerfully market your business. Discover the three things you can do right now to write content that connects and builds community.
M Shannon Hernandez
M Shannon Hernandez
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M. Shannon Hernandez is the creator of the Content Personality Wheel™ and founder of the Content Strategy Academy™. Her mission is to help business owners become thought leaders through the use of smart content strategy so they can positively impact more people. Shannon continues to inspire others as a content strategist, consultant, and speaker.

Shannon hosts a yearly multi-day event called Time & Freedom LIVE!™ where Visionary Entrepreneurs gather to learn key strategies to leverage their content AND give themselves permission to stop doing the stuff they hate doing in their marketing.

Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, FOX, Identity Magazine, and NBC. She travels the nation and speaks regularly, motivating audiences to take action and build the life and business of their dreams — through aligned content and smart strategy.

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