leadingWhat makes a great leader and why is it important in business? How can being a better leader help you in your business? How can you become a better leader and get more of what you want?   Shirley has created a dynamic, powerful and practical presentation in which participants learn:

  • The difference between leadership and management and why they need both to succeed
  • The 3 secrets to success in life and business and why having fun is one of them
  • Great leaders are great communicators (communication skills can be learned)
  • How to motivate staff and when to use carrots and sticks.

With an exacting eye for detail and superb presentation skills, Shirley creates an experience that will have your attendees believing in themselves and their ability to achieve whatever they want. This provocative presentation provides participants with practical fun ways to look at themselves and see how their behaviours, actions and inactions influence the results they get. If you’re looking for a fun filled presentation full of content and practical strategies that will have your audience totally engaged because it’s all about them, contact Shirley by clicking here and submitting the online booking form.



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She’s helped me improve my communication skills with my business partners at work, and more importantly at home with my family. Her system has provided me with a better understanding of how individuals tick. Shirley isn’t just a business coach, she’s also a life coach. Let her open your eyes up like she’s opened mine.

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