Recruit The Best

People get hired for their skill and fired for their attitude.

How would you like to know before you make that offer if this person really will fit into your culture and organisation?

Skills can be taught but attitude and values are difficult to shift unless people want to change.

I have a number of profiles I personally use to help you make the right recruitment decision.
An average bad hire could cost you the annual wage of the employee or more.

Using an external consultant who knows you and your team can help to minimise this risk as well as give you valuable insights into how to lead and manage the new recruit, should you decide to employ.

These insights will fast track the amount of time it takes to on board and get to know the new team member.

Book a time to chat and see if this is right for your company – go to Chat With Shirley form below and make a note – “Best Recruitment” in the subject.

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