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Are You Looking To Improve Your Leadership Skills?
Are you unsure exactly what it means to be a leader?

Finally! You Can Now Master The Leader In You

Leverage Team Loyalty and Productivity
Elevate Your Communication Skills
Accelerate Your Confidence
Demonstrate Accountability

The Next Leadership Fundamentals LIVE Online Experience Starts:

Dear Leader

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills?

Are you unsure exactly what it means to be a leader?

Are you desperate for things to change or wanting to grow and develop yourself?

Did you know, that most people are in leadership roles for 10 years before they get any formal training. 

Wow! That’s incredible. Imagine the mistakes, the heartache, the frustration, the staff turnover that could be avoided, if only you got some help.

I get it.

I struggled for a long time to even call myself a Leadership Coach. 

Who am I? What do I know about leadership?

Well the truth is, we can all be leaders and we can learn leadership skills.

Maybe you’re new to leadership and management. You’ve recently been promoted and don’t quite know what to do with your team, or

Maybe you own the business and your number one complaint is staff. You’re busy micro-managing everyone because you don’t trust them to do the work, so you’re doing the work of 3 or more people and you’ve got no time to yourself, or

You recognise that in order to grow the business you need to become better at leading yourself and leading others.

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is about becoming the type of person others trust to take them where they want to go.”

Think about that for a moment. 

If you work for someone, are you trusting them to take you where you want to go?

If you own the business, do you want your people to want to go where you’re heading?

In order to successfully lead yourself and others you need to master 3 areas:


You need to know yourself


You need to know your team


You need great communication skills.

If you fail to master the above

You’ll end up going it alone.
You’ll never be happy with the team you have.
You’ll have people problems.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Becoming a trusted leader takes mindset and skillset.

Mindset is about giving yourself permission to be the leader (tip – nobody is fighting you for the leadership position).

It’s about owning it – stepping into the leader identity.

Skillset – you can easily learn.

When you become a better leader,

You’ll be happier.
You’ll have more time and your business productivity will improve.

Your instructions will be clearer, mistakes and reworks will decrease and your team will enjoy coming to work more.

I’ve been running the Leading Yourself and Leading Others experiences for over 10 years and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives, their businesses and their careers.

But don’t take my word for it.

Paul was able to reduce his contribution to the business income from 78% down to 6%. He doubled the size of his team and his profits.

Paul Campbell
Dalton Bar

Mark was able to take the family on an extended 8 week holiday to Europe and has now trained his leadership team so they take care of the day to day operations, freeing him up to work on the business.

Jessica feels empowered in her role as Business Services Manager and is confident to lead and train and hold her team accountable.

You can learn to become a better leader.

I don’t want time and money to be the reason you stay stuck. I don’t want time and money to be obstacles to your personal and professional development.

So, I’ve condensed the 4 day experience into 10 bite sized weekly sessions. You can experience the training, coaching and growth from the comfort of your own home or office LIVE with me.

In just 10 short weeks you’ll develop the skills and the mindset you need to:

Leverage Team Loyalty and Productivity

Elevate Your Communication Skills

Accelerate Your Confidence

Demonstrate Accountability

All it takes is to show up each week for 2 ½ hours plus some practical home-play activities. There are no academic assignments or research papers – just practical skills you can implement straight away.

Leadership Fundamentals inclusions:

LIVE zoom sessions led by Shirley Dalton
2 ½ hours each week (9:30am to 12:00pm) Sydney Australia time
Practical exercises to understand yourself and your people
Your Very Own Personality Profile
Access to Training portal, including recordings of each session
Train-The-Trainer materials.



Who’s in the room – Understanding Yourself and Others


Relationship styles – Becoming More Assertive


Leaders are Listeners


Roadblocks to Communication


The Language of Leadership – How to Communicate Effectively


Conflict Resolution Made Easy


Your Commitment to Becoming A Great Leader


The Leader’s Mindset


Values Collisions and What To Do About Them


Developing Synergy and a productive team


BONUS – Graduation ceremony in Newcastle (and virtual)

If you’re worried you can’t make EVERY session, we’ve got you covered. All sessions will be recorded, although you really won’t want to miss a session.

On top of that, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you show up, do the work and don’t get the results, I’ll work with you personally for 3 months and if you’re still not getting the results, I’ll refund your money.

We’ve covered the time investment. I know you’re wondering what the financial investment is.

You can choose from 3 options:

Be the Early Bird – Pay for SILVER by Sunday 14th April, GET GOLD.

One on One Coaching & Training
Unlimited Email
& SMS Support
Group Training + 2 Individual Coaching Sessions
10 Email & SMS Support Per Month
Group Training
5 Email & SMS Support Per Month

Meet Your Presenter, Shirley Dalton

Shirley Dalton is passionate about helping business owners and leaders create productive, profitable and harmonious businesses and teams. With a unique skill set including teaching and psychology degrees, Shirley specialises in developing people and processes and inspiring potential. 

In just 10 short weeks, Shirley will guide you to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll learn valuable skills and strategies that you can apply straight away and that will last a lifetime.

Your Questions Answered

What if I can’t make every session?

The sessions are so full of content and learning that you won’t want to miss a session, but if you do, don’t worry. You’ll be able to watch the recording.

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